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ASN1_STRING_TABLE_ADD(3)                    DragonFly Library Functions Manual


ASN1_STRING_TABLE_add, ASN1_STRING_TABLE_get, ASN1_STRING_TABLE_cleanup - maintain the global ASN.1 string table


#include <openssl/asn1.h> int ASN1_STRING_TABLE_add(int nid, long minsize, long maxsize, unsigned long mask, unsigned long flags); ASN1_STRING_TABLE * ASN1_STRING_TABLE_get(int nid); void ASN1_STRING_TABLE_cleanup(void);


The ASN.1 string table is a unique global object. Each entry is of the type ASN1_STRING_TABLE and contains information about one NID object. Some entries are predefined according to RFC 3280 appendix A.1. The function ASN1_STRING_TABLE_add() changes the existing entry for nid or, if there is none, allocates a new entry. Each field of the entry is modified according to the function argument of the same name. The minsize and maxsize arguments overwrite the existing fields unless they are -1. The mask argument always overwrites the existing field. The bits set in the flags argument are OR'ed into the existing field. No useful flags are currently defined, so passing 0 is recommended. The function ASN1_STRING_TABLE_get() retrieves the entry for nid. The function ASN1_STRING_TABLE_cleanup() removes and frees all entries except the predefined ones.


The ASN1_STRING_TABLE_add() function returns 1 if successful; otherwise 0 is returned and an error code can be retrieved with ERR_get_error(3). ASN1_STRING_TABLE_get() returns a valid ASN1_STRING_TABLE structure or NULL if nothing is found.


ASN1_OBJECT_new(3), OBJ_nid2obj(3)


ASN1_STRING_TABLE_add(), ASN1_STRING_TABLE_get(), and ASN1_STRING_TABLE_cleanup() first appeared in OpenSSL 0.9.5 and have been available since OpenBSD 2.7.


Most aspects of the semantics considerably differ from OpenSSL. DragonFly 6.1-DEVELOPMENT June 14, 2019 DragonFly 6.1-DEVELOPMENT

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