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CK_COHORT_INIT(3)     DragonFly Library Functions Manual     CK_COHORT_INIT(3)


CK_COHORT_INIT - initialize instance of a cohort type


Concurrency Kit (libck, -lck)


#include <ck_cohort.h> CK_COHORT_INIT(COHORT_NAME cohort_name, COHORT *cohort, void *global_lock, void *local_lock, unsigned int pass_limit);


Until a cohort instance is initialized using the CK_COHORT_INIT macro, any operations involving it will have undefined behavior. After this macro has been called, the cohort pointed to by the cohort argument will use the lock pointed to by global_lock as its global lock and the lock pointed to by local_lock as its local lock. The cohort will relinquish its global lock after pass_limit consecutive acquisitions of its local lock, even if there are other threads waiting. If you are unsure of a value to use for the pass_limit argument, you should use CK_COHORT_DEFAULT_LOCAL_PASS_LIMIT.


ck_cohort(3), CK_COHORT_PROTOTYPE(3), CK_COHORT_TRYLOCK_PROTOTYPE(3), CK_COHORT_INSTANCE(3), CK_COHORT_INITIALIZER(3), CK_COHORT_LOCK(3), CK_COHORT_UNLOCK(3), CK_COHORT_LOCKED(3), CK_COHORT_TRYLOCK(3), Additional information available at http://concurrencykit.org/ February 24, 2013.

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