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CK_RWCOHORT_INIT(3)   DragonFly Library Functions Manual   CK_RWCOHORT_INIT(3)


CK_RWCOHORT_INIT - initialize instance of a cohort-based reader-writer lock type


Concurrency Kit (libck, -lck)


#include <ck_rwcohort.h> CK_RWCOHORT_NEUTRAL_INIT(COHORT_NAME cohort_name, LOCK *lock); CK_RWCOHORT_RP_INIT(COHORT_NAME cohort_name, LOCK *lock, unsigned int wait_limit); CK_RWCOHORT_WP_INIT(COHORT_NAME cohort_name, LOCK *lock, unsigned int wait_limit);


This macro initializes the lock instance pointed to by the lock argument. Until a lock instance is initialized using the CK_RWCOHORT_INIT macro, any operations involving it will have undefined behavior. Note that the wait_limit argument should only be used with reader-preference or writer- preference locks. For neutral locks, this argument should be excluded. If you are unsure of a value to use for the wait_limit argument, you should use CK_RWCOHORT_STRATEGY_DEFAULT_LOCAL_WAIT_LIMIT.


ck_rwcohort(3), CK_RWCOHORT_PROTOTYPE(3), CK_RWCOHORT_TRYLOCK_PROTOTYPE(3), CK_RWCOHORT_INSTANCE(3), CK_RWCOHORT_INITIALIZER(3), CK_RWCOHORT_LOCK(3), CK_RWCOHORT_UNLOCK(3), CK_RWCOHORT_LOCKED(3), CK_RWCOHORT_TRYLOCK(3), Additional information available at http://concurrencykit.org/ February 24, 2013.

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