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DL(3)                 DragonFly Library Functions Manual                 DL(3)


DL - generate logging messages in C and C++ using a debugger


#include <DL.h> DL(format,...) DLG(guard,format,...) DLH(handler,format,...) DLP(param,format,...) DLGH(guard,handler,format,...) DLHP(handler,param,format,...) DLGHP(guard,handler,param,format,...)


The DL macro is used to print logging or debugging messages using a debugger. The nana(1) command generates a set of debugger commands which are then sourced into gdb(1) to implement the logging. If you don't run the executable under gdb(1) then no tracing will occur. The arguments are: format,... - a printf(3) style argument list containing the message guard - print only if the guard is true. handler - the code that does the printing, e.g. support is provided for sending log messages to a circular buffer. param - a parameter to be passed off to the handler, e.g. a file descriptor. See nana.info for details on configuring the behaviour.


nana-clg(1), nana(1), nana(3), I(3), DI(3), L(3), DL(3), Q(3) and nana.info. The nana.info file is the primary documentation for this library.


Phil Maker <pjm@gnu.org> DL(3)

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