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EZ_ClearListBox(3)              EZWGL Functions             EZ_ClearListBox(3)


EZ_ClearListBox, EZ_DeleteListBoxItem, EZ_InsertListBoxItem, EZ_ModifyListBoxItem, EZ_AppendListBoxItem EZ_ListBoxSelectItem, EZ_ListBoxSelectItemUsingIdx - listbox editing functions


#include <EZ.h> void EZ_ClearListBox( EZ_Widget *listbox) void EZ_DeleteListBoxItem( EZ_Widget *listbox, int idx) void EZ_InsertListBoxItem( EZ_Widget *listbox, char *str, int idx) void EZ_ModifyListBoxItem( EZ_Widget * listbox, char *str, int idx) void EZ_AppendListBoxItem( EZ_Widget * listbox, char *str) void EZ_ListBoxSelectItem( EZ_Widget *listbox, char *str) void EZ_ListBoxSelectItemUsingIdx( EZ_Widget *listbox, int idx)


listbox Specifies a listbox widget. str Specifies a textual string. idx Specifies an array index.


EZ_ClearListBox clears the listbox. EZ_DeleteListBoxItem deletes the specified item. EZ_InsertListBoxItem inserts the given item at the specified position. EZ_AppendListBoxItem appends str at the end of the list of items in listbox. EZ_ModifyListBoxItem replaces the item at location idx by str. EZ_ListBoxSelectItem sets the selection on the specified item. If sucessful, the display will be adjusted so that the selection is visible. EZ_ListBoxSelectItemUsingIdx behaves the same as EZ_ListBoxSelectItem except that it uses the index instead of the item string.


EZ_GetListBoxSelection(3), EZ_SetListBoxItems(3) EZWGL EZ_ClearListBox(3)

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