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EZ_DisplayWidget(3)             EZWGL Functions            EZ_DisplayWidget(3)


EZ_DisplayWidget - display a widget


#include <EZ.h> void EZ_DisplayWidget( EZ_Widget *widget) void EZ_DisplayWidgetUnderPointer( EZ_Widget *widget, int xoff, int yoff)


widget Specifies an EZ widget. xoff, yoff Specifies an offset.


EZ_DisplayWidget makes a widget visible. It computes the geometry of a widget, creates a window for widget and maps it. If widget has any children widgets, it display them recursively. If EZ_DisplayWidget is called on an internal widget whose parent is not yet displayed, it will display the whole widget tree. EZ_DisplayWidgetUnderPointer behaves similarly, except it moves the location of the widget window to the location of the current mouse pointer. The offset is used to set the widow location relative to the mouse pointer. It is interpreted as the following. When positive, it is the distance between the UL corner and the mouse pointer, when negative, the absolute value is the distance between the LR corner of the widget window and the mouse pointer; when both are 0, the widget window will be centered around the mouse pointer.


EZ_CreateWidget(3), EZ_DestroyWidget(3), EZ_DrawWidget(3) EZWGL EZ_DisplayWidget(3)

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