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EZ_DnDGetMatchedConversionTargets(3)                           EZWGL Functions


EZ_DnDGetMatchedConversionTargets - return the lists of targets the both the drag-source and the drop-site convert


#include <EZ.h> void EZ_DnDGetMatchedConversionTargets(Atom **targets_ret, int **ntargets_return int *modifier_return)


targets_return returns the array of targets. ntargets_return returns the number of entries in target_return. modfier_return returns the modifier masks for the current DnD session.


EZ_DnDGetMatchedConversionTargets returns the list of targets the both the drag-source and the drop-site convert. The list of matched targets is available only after a drag is droped at a valid drop site. If DnD is not currently active, the returned values are random. This procedure is intended for to be used by Drag-Start-Filters and Drop-Start-Filters to select best conversion targets.


EZ_GetDnDDropLocation(3), EZ_DnDGetDragConversionTargets(3) EZWGL EZ_DnDGetMatchedConversionTargets(3)

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