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EZ_GetSpinButtonValue(3)        EZWGL Functions       EZ_GetSpinButtonValue(3)


EZ_GetSpinButtonValue - return the current value of a spin button.


#include <EZ.h> char *EZ_GetSpinButtonValue( EZ_Widget *spin)


spin Specifies a spin button.


A spin button is a composite widget, it consists of an entry and a scroll button. A spin button is used to cycle through a series of string type inputs. The value is controled by a spin function of type char *(func)(int old_idx, int new_idx, void *clientData); When the left mouse button is pressed over the arrow button, the spin function called to compute the next choice. The value will then be displayed in the entry widget. EZ_GetSpinButtonValue returns the current value of a spin button.


EZ_SetupSpinButton(3), EZ_GetSpinButtonComponents(3) EZWGL EZ_GetSpinButtonValue(3)

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