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EZ_SetDefaultMessageHandler(3)  EZWGL Functions EZ_SetDefaultMessageHandler(3)


EZ_SetDefaultMessageHandler - register the default message handler


#include <EZ.h> typedef struct { Atom messageType; /* message type */ int messageLength; /* message length */ char *message; /* the message */ int messageId; /* message Id */ int replyId; /* if request, the message id to reply */ int isReply; /* flag whether the message is a reply */ Window sender; /* sender's communication window id */ Atom senderClass; /* sender's class name */ Atom senderInstance; /* sender's instance name */ int senderIsSelf; /* is message originated from the myself? */ } EZ_Message; typedef void (*EZ_MessageHandler)(EZ_Message *msgIn, void *client_data); void EZ_SetDefaultMessageHandler(EZ_MessageHandler handler, void *clientData)


handler Specifies a message handler. client_data Specifies an application data to be passed to the handler.


This function sets the default message handler for an application. All messages received with no handlers will be handled by this default message handler.


EZ_AddMessageHandler(3), EZ_BroadcastMessage(3), EZ_ReplyMessage(3) EZWGL EZ_SetDefaultMessageHandler(3)

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