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EZ_SetLcdBackground(3)          EZWGL Functions         EZ_SetLcdBackground(3)


EZ_SetLcdBackground, EZ_SetLcdForeground - Set the background and foreground color of an LCD widget


#include <EZ.h> void EZ_SetLcdBackground(EZ_Widget *lcd, char *color) void EZ_SetLcdForeground(EZ_Widget *lcd, char *color)


lcd Specifies a LCD widget. color Specifies a color name.


EZ_SetLcdBackground sets the background color for an LCD widget. The default background color is black. This background color is a different from the widget background color. The later is used to render the border. EZ_SetLcdForeground sets the foreground color of an LED widget. If set, EZWGL allocates 2 extra colors to render the border of LCD string. Otherwise, EZWGL uses the widget background color to render the LCD string.


EZ_SetLcdString(3), EZ_SetLcdInteger(3), EZ_SetLcdNDigits(3), EZ_SetLcdFontSize(3) EZWGL EZ_SetLcdBackground(3)

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