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EZ_SetScrollbarDiscreteSpeed(3)                                EZWGL Functions


EZ_SetScrollbarDiscreteSpeed - set the discrete scrolling speed of a scrollbar


#include <EZ.h> int EZ_SetScrollbarDiscreteSpeed(EZ_Widget *scrollbar, int speed)


scrollbar Specifies a scrollbar widget. speed Specifies a positive integer.


EZ_SetScrollbarDiscreteSpeed sets the discrete scrolling speed of a scrollbar. The discrete scrolling speed is used when the arrow button on the scrollbar is pressed or one of the relevent arrow keys is pressed while the scrollbar is in focus. The default discrete scrolling speed is 1. The interpretation of this speed depends on the context. For internal widgets that use scrollbars, the meaning is following: for TextWidget and ListBox, the scrolling unit is the height of a text line; for Fancy ListBox, TreeWidget, WorkArea, the scrolling unit is one pixel. This function returns the current discrete scrolling speed of the scrollbar.


EZ_SetHScrollbarDiscreteSpeed(3), EZ_SetVScrollbarDiscreteSpeed(3), EZ_GetScrollbarState(3) EZWGL EZ_SetScrollbarDiscreteSpeed(3)

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