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EZ_WidgetMarkRuler(3)           EZWGL Functions          EZ_WidgetMarkRuler(3)


EZ_WidgetMarkRuler- set mark on a ruler


#include <EZ.h> void EZ_WidgetMarkRuler( EZ_Widget *ruler, int x, int y, EZ_Widget *srcWidget) void EZ_XWindowMarkRuler( EZ_Widget *ruler, int x, int y, EZ_Widget *srcWindow) int *EZ_GetRulerMarks( EZ_Widget *ruler)


ruler Specifies a ruler widget. srcWidget specifies a widget. srcWindow specifies an X window ID. x,y specifies the pointer coordinates relative to the source window.


The first two functions set one fo the two static marks on a ruler widget. A ruler widget has a dynamic mark and two static marks. EZ_GetRulerMarks returns the array of three marks on a ruler widget. The first entry is the dynamic mark, the rest are the two static marks.


EZ_WidgetNotifyRuler(3), EZ_GetRulerMarks(3) EZWGL EZ_WidgetMarkRuler(3)

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