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FcConfigFileInfoIterGet(3)                          FcConfigFileInfoIterGet(3)


FcConfigFileInfoIterGet - Obtain the configuration file information


#include <fontconfig/fontconfig.h> FcBool FcConfigFileInfoIterGet (FcConfig *config, FcConfigFileInfoIter *iter, FcChar8 **name, FcChar8 **description, FcBool *enabled);


Obtain the filename, the description and the flag whether it is enabled or not for 'iter' where points to current configuration file information. If the iterator is invalid, FcFalse is returned. This function isn't MT-safe. FcConfigReference must be called before using FcConfigFileInfoIterInit and then FcConfigDestroy when the relevant values are no longer referenced.


version 2.12.91 Fontconfig 2.14.2 27 1<?> 2023 FcConfigFileInfoIterGet(3)

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