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MPE_Seq_begin(4)                      MPE                     MPE_Seq_begin(4)


MPE_Seq_begin - Begins a sequential section of code.


void MPE_Seq_begin( MPI_Comm comm, int ng )


comm - Communicator to sequentialize. ng - Number in group. This many processes are allowed to execute at the same time. Usually one.


to be executed by the processes in rank order. Typically, this is done with MPE_Seq_begin( comm, 1 ); <code to be executed sequentially> MPE_Seq_end( comm, 1 ); Often, the sequential code contains output statements (e.g., 'printf') to be executed. Note that you may need to flush the I/O buffers before calling 'MPE_Seq_end'; also note that some systems do not propagate I/O in any order to the controling terminal (in other words, even if you flush the output, you may not get the data in the order that you want).


11/22/2009 MPE_Seq_begin(4)

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