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MAGICKCORE-CONFIG(1)   DragonFly General Commands Manual  MAGICKCORE-CONFIG(1)


MagickCore-config - get information about the installed version of ImageMagick


MagickCore-config [--cflags] [--cppflags] [--exec-prefix] [--ldflags] [--libs] [--prefix] [--version]


The MagickCore-config utility prints the compiler and linker flags required to compile and link programs that use the ImageMagick Core Application Programmer Interface. The following options are available: --cppflags, --cflags, --cxxflags Print the compiler flags that are needed to find the ImageMagick(1) C include files and defines to ensure that the ImageMagick data structures match between your program and the installed libraries. --prefix, --exec-prefix Print the directory under which target specific binaries and executables are installed. --ldflags, --libs Print the linker flags that are needed to link with the ImageMagick(1) library. --version Print the version of the ImageMagick(1) distribution to standard output. --coder-path Print the path where the ImageMagick(1) coder modules are installed. --filter-path Print the path where the ImageMagick(1) filter modules are installed.


To print the version of the installed distribution of ImageMagick use: MagickCore-config --version To compile a program that calls the ImageMagick(1) Application Programmer Interface, use: cc `MagickCore-config --cppflags --ldflags` program.c




ImageMagick is licensed with a derived Apache license 2.0. See http://imagemagick.org/script/license.php for more details.


The ImageMagick suite and this manual page where written by Cristy, ImageMagick Studio LLC <development-team@imagemagick.org>. DragonFly 6.5-DEVELOPMENT July 13, 2015 DragonFly 6.5-DEVELOPMENT

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