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MAT_VARCREATESTRUCT(3)                      DragonFly Library Functions Manual


Mat_VarCreateStruct - Creates a structure variable.


#include <matio.h> matvar_t * Mat_VarCreateStruct(const char *name, int rank, size_t *dims, const char **fields, unsigned nfields);


The Mat_VarCreateStruct() function creates a structure variable named name that can be written to a MAT file.


If the structure variable was successfully created, a pointer to the variable is returned. Otherwise NULL is returned. The structure variable pointer should be free'd when no longer needed using Mat_VarFree(3) after calling the function if necessary.


This example program opens a MAT file named by the first argument to the program, and writes a structure named a to the file. #include "matio.h" int main(int argc,char **argv) { mat_t *matfp; matvar_t *matvar; matvar_t *field; const char *fields[2] = {"field1","field2"}; double data1 = 1, data2 = 2; size_t dims[2] = {1, 1}; matfp = Mat_Open(argv[1],MAT_ACC_RDWR); if ( NULL == matfp ) { fprintf(stderr,"Error opening MAT file %s0,argv[1]); return EXIT_FAILURE; } dims[0] = 1; dims[1] = 1; matvar = Mat_VarCreateStruct("a",2,dims,fields,2); if ( NULL == matvar ) { Mat_Close(matfp); return EXIT_FAILURE; } field = Mat_VarCreate(NULL,MAT_C_DOUBLE,MAT_T_DOUBLE,2,dims,&data1, MAT_F_DONT_COPY_DATA); Mat_VarSetStructFieldByName(matvar, "field1", 0, field); field = Mat_VarCreate(NULL,MAT_C_DOUBLE,MAT_T_DOUBLE,2,dims,&data2, MAT_F_DONT_COPY_DATA); Mat_VarSetStructFieldByName(matvar, "field2", 0, field); Mat_VarWrite(matfp,matvar,MAT_COMPRESSION_NONE); Mat_VarFree(matvar); Mat_Close(matfp); return EXIT_SUCCESS; }


Mat_VarCreate(3), Mat_VarSetStructFieldByName(3) DragonFly 6.5-DEVELOPMENT March 18, 2012 DragonFly 6.5-DEVELOPMENT

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