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Q(3)                  DragonFly Library Functions Manual                  Q(3)


Q - support for Forall, Exists, etc in GNU C and C++


#include <Q.h> bool A(init,cond,next,exprn) /* Forall */ bool E(init,cond,next,exprn) /* Exists */ bool E1(init,cond,next,exprn) /* Exists a single */ bool C(init,cond,next,exprn) /* Count */


This is a simple minded implementation of predicate calculus in C. The first three arguments are the same as those of the for loop in C and C++. For example to verify that all values in an array are positive you could use: A(int i = 0, i < 100, i++, a[i] >= 0) Note that the macros can be nested or used in any context that requires boolean values. See nana.info for more details.


These macros require GNU C or GNU C++.


nana-clg(1), nana(1), nana(3), I(3), DI(3), L(3), DL(3), Q(3), Qstl(3) and nana.info. The nana.info page is the primary documentation for this package.


Phil Maker <pjm@gnu.org> Q(3)

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