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Tk_AddOption(3)              Tk Library Procedures             Tk_AddOption(3)



Tk_AddOption - Add an option to the option database


#include <tk.h> void Tk_AddOption(tkwin, name, value, priority)


Tk_Window tkwin (in) Token for window. const char *name (in) Multi-element name of option. const char *value (in) Value of option. int priority (in) Overall priority level to use for option. ______________________________________________________________________________


This procedure is invoked to add an option to the database associated with tkwin's main window. Name contains the option being specified and consists of names and/or classes separated by asterisks or dots, in the usual X format. Value contains the text string to associate with name; this value will be returned in calls to Tk_GetOption. Priority specifies the priority of the value; when options are queried using Tk_GetOption, the value with the highest priority is returned. Priority must be between 0 and TK_MAX_PRIO. Some common priority values are: 20 Used for default values hard-coded into widgets. 40 Used for options specified in application-specific startup files. 60 Used for options specified in user-specific defaults files, such as .Xdefaults, resource databases loaded into the X server, or user-specific startup files. 80 Used for options specified interactively after the application starts running.


class, name, option, add Tk Tk_AddOption(3)

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