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Tk_MainWindow(3)             Tk Library Procedures            Tk_MainWindow(3)



Tk_MainWindow, Tk_GetNumMainWindows - functions for querying main window information


#include <tk.h> Tk_Window Tk_MainWindow(interp) int Tk_GetNumMainWindows()


Tcl_Interp *interp (in/out) Interpreter associated with the application. ______________________________________________________________________________


A main window is a special kind of toplevel window used as the outermost window in an application. If interp is associated with a Tk application then Tk_MainWindow returns the application's main window. If there is no Tk application associated with interp then Tk_MainWindow returns NULL and leaves an error message in interpreter interp's result. Tk_GetNumMainWindows returns a count of the number of main windows currently open in the current thread.


application, main window Tk 7.0 Tk_MainWindow(3)

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