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WordDBInfo(3)         DragonFly Library Functions Manual         WordDBInfo(3)


WordDBInfo - inverted index usage environment.


Only called thru WordContext::Initialize()


The inverted indexes may be shared among processes/threads and provide the appropriate locking to prevent mistakes. In addition the memory cache used by WordList objects may be shared by processes/threads, greatly reducing the memory needs in multi-process applications. For more information about the shared environment, check the Berkeley DB documentation.


For more information on the configuration attributes and a complete list of attributes, see the mifluz(3) manual page. wordlist_env_skip {true,false} (default false) If true no environment is created at all. This must never be used if a WordList object is created. It may be useful if only WordKey objects are used, for instance. wordlist_env_share {true,false} (default false) If true a sharable environment is open or created if none exist. wordlist_env_dir <directory> (default .) Only valid if wordlist_env_share set to true. Specify the directory in which the sharable environment will be created. All inverted indexes specified with a non-absolute pathname will be created relative to this directory.


Loic Dachary loic@gnu.org The Ht://Dig group http://dev.htdig.org/


htdb_dump(1), htdb_stat(1), htdb_load(1), mifluzdump(1), mifluzload(1), mifluzsearch(1), mifluzdict(1), WordContext(3), WordList(3), WordDict(3), WordListOne(3), WordKey(3), WordKeyInfo(3), WordType(3), WordRecordInfo(3), WordRecord(3), WordReference(3), WordCursor(3), WordCursorOne(3), WordMonitor(3), Configuration(3), mifluz(3) local WordDBInfo(3)

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