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WordKeyInfo(3)        DragonFly Library Functions Manual        WordKeyInfo(3)


WordKeyInfo - information on the key structure of the inverted index.


Helper for the WordKey class.


Describe the structure of the index key ( WordKey ). The description includes the layout of the packed version stored on disk.


For more information on the configuration attributes and a complete list of attributes, see the mifluz(3) manual page. wordlist_wordkey_description <desc> (no default) Describe the structure of the inverted index key. In the following explanation of the <desc> format, mandatory words are in bold and values that must be replaced in italic. Word bits/name bits [/...] The name is an alphanumerical symbolic name for the key field. The bits is the number of bits required to store this field. Note that all values are stored in unsigned integers (unsigned int). Example: Word 8/Document 16/Location 8


Loic Dachary loic@gnu.org The Ht://Dig group http://dev.htdig.org/


htdb_dump(1), htdb_stat(1), htdb_load(1), mifluzdump(1), mifluzload(1), mifluzsearch(1), mifluzdict(1), WordContext(3), WordList(3), WordDict(3), WordListOne(3), WordKey(3), WordType(3), WordDBInfo(3), WordRecordInfo(3), WordRecord(3), WordReference(3), WordCursor(3), WordCursorOne(3), WordMonitor(3), Configuration(3), mifluz(3) local WordKeyInfo(3)

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