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XkbAllocKeyboard(3)              XKB FUNCTIONS             XkbAllocKeyboard(3)


XkbAllocKeyboard - Creates a keyboard description from scratch


XkbDescRec XkbAllocKeyboard (void);


Applications seldom need to directly allocate a keyboard description; calling XkbGetKeyboard usually suffices. In the event you need to create a keyboard description from scratch, however, use XkbAllocKeyboard rather than directly calling malloc. If XkbAllocKeyboard fails to allocate the keyboard description, it returns NULL. Otherwise, it returns a pointer to an empty keyboard description structure. The device_spec field will have been initialized to XkbUseCoreKbd. You may then either fill in the structure components or use Xkb functions to obtain values for the structure components from a keyboard device.


malloc(3F), XkbUseCoreKbd(3), XkbGetKeyboard(3) X Version 11 libX11 1.7.2 XkbAllocKeyboard(3)

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