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XkbCopyKeyTypes(3)               XKB FUNCTIONS              XkbCopyKeyTypes(3)


XkbCopyKeyTypes - Copy more than one XkbKeyTypeRec structure


Status XkbCopyKeyTypes (XkbKeyTypePtr from, XkbKeyTypePtr into, int num_types);


from pointer to array of XkbKeyTypeRecs to copy into pointer to array of XkbKeyTypeRecs to change num_types number of types to copy


XkbCopyKeyTypes copies num_types XkbKeyTypeRec structures from the array specified by from into the array specified by into. It is intended for copying between, rather than within, keyboard descriptions, so it doesn't check for overlaps. The same rules that apply to the from and into parameters in XkbCopyKeyType apply to each entry of the from and into arrays of XkbCopyKeyTypes. If any allocation errors occur while copying from to into, XkbCopyKeyTypes returns BadAlloc. Otherwise, XkbCopyKeyTypes copies from to into and returns Success.


Success The XkbCopyKeyTypes function returns Success when there are no allocation errors.


Key types are used to determine the shift level of a key given the current state of the keyboard. The set of all possible key types for the Xkb keyboard description are held in the types field of the client map, whose total size is stored in size_types, and whose total number of valid entries is stored in num_types. Key types are defined using the following structure: typedef struct { /* Key Type */ XkbModsRec mods; /* modifiers used to compute shift level */ unsigned char num_levels; /* total # shift levels, do not modify directly */ unsigned char map_count; /* # entries in map, preserve (if non-NULL) */ XkbKTMapEntryPtr map; /* vector of modifiers for each shift level */ XkbModsPtr preserve; /* mods to preserve for corresponding map entry */ Atom name; /* name of key type */ Atom * level_names; /* array of names of each shift level */ } XkbKeyTypeRec, *XkbKeyTypePtr;


BadAlloc Unable to allocate storage


XkbCopyKeyType(3) X Version 11 libX11 1.8.6 XkbCopyKeyTypes(3)

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