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XkbKeycodeToKeysym(3)            XKB FUNCTIONS           XkbKeycodeToKeysym(3)


XkbKeycodeToKeysym - Finds the keysym bound to a particular key at a specified group and shift level


KeySym XkbKeycodeToKeysym (Display *dpy, KeyCode kc, unsigned int group, unsigned int level);


- dpy connection to X server - kc key of interest - group group of interest - level shift level of interest


XkbKeycodeToKeysym returns the keysym bound to a particular group and shift level for a particular key on the core keyboard. If kc is not a legal keycode for the core keyboard, or if group or level are out of range for the specified key, XkbKeycodeToKeysym returns NoSymbol. X Version 11 libX11 1.7.2 XkbKeycodeToKeysym(3)

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