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XkbSetDeviceButtonActions(3)     XKB FUNCTIONS    XkbSetDeviceButtonActions(3)


XkbSetDeviceButtonActions - Change only the button actions for an input extension device


Bool XkbSetDeviceButtonActions (Display *dpy, XkbDeviceInfoPtr device, unsigned int first_button, unsigned int num_buttons);


- dpy connection to X server - device structure defining the device and modifications - first_button number of first button to update, 0 relative - num_buttons number of buttons to update


XkbSetDeviceButtonActions assigns actions to the buttons of the device specified in device_info->device_spec. Actions are assigned to num_buttons buttons beginning with first_button and are taken from the actions specified in device_info->btn_acts. If the server does not support assignment of Xkb actions to extension device buttons, XkbSetDeviceButtonActions has no effect and returns False. If the device has no buttons or if first_button or num_buttons specify buttons outside of the valid range as determined by device_info->num_btns, the function has no effect and returns False. Otherwise, XkbSetDeviceButtonActions sends a request to the server to change the actions for the specified buttons and returns True. If the actual request sent to the server involved illegal button numbers, a BadValue protocol error is generated. If an invalid device identifier is specified in device_info->device_spec, a BadKeyboard protocol error results. If the actual device specified in device_info->device_spec does not contain buttons and a request affecting buttons is made, a BadMatch protocol error is generated.


BadKeyboard The device specified was not a valid core or input extension device BadMatch A compatible version of Xkb was not available in the server or an argument has correct type and range, but is otherwise invalid BadValue An argument is out of range X Version 11 libX11 1.7.2 XkbSetDeviceButtonActions(3)

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