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XvQueryPortAttributes(3)        libXv Functions       XvQueryPortAttributes(3)


XvQueryPortAttributes - return list of attributes of a video port


#include <X11/extensions/Xvlib.h> XvAttribute* XvQueryPortAttributes(Display *dpy, XvPortID port, int *p_num_attributes);


dpy Specifies the connection to the X server. port Specifies the port whose adaptor is to be queried for its list of attributes. p_num_attributes A pointer to where the number of attributes returned in the array is written.


XvQueryPortAttributes(3)returnsthenumberofattributes and an array of XvAttributes valid for the given port. The array may be freed with XFree(3).


XvAttribute has the following structure: typedef struct { int flags; int min_value; int max_value; char *name; } XvAttribute; flags May be XvGettable or XvSettable or both OR'd together indicating the particular attribute is readable, writeable or readable and writeable. min_value The minimum attribute values which are valid for the driver. The maximum attribute values which are valid for the driver. name A string describing the name of the attribute that may be used to retrieve the Atom for the particular attribute.


[XvBadPort] Generated if the requested port does not exist.


XvGetPortAttribute(3), XvSetPortAttribute(3) X Version 11 libXv 1.0.12 XvQueryPortAttributes(3)

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