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al_play_sample(3)                                            al_play_sample(3)


al_play_sample - Allegro 5 API


#include <allegro5/allegro_audio.h> bool al_play_sample(ALLEGRO_SAMPLE *spl, float gain, float pan, float speed, ALLEGRO_PLAYMODE loop, ALLEGRO_SAMPLE_ID *ret_id)


Plays a sample on one of the sample instances created by al_reserve_samples(3). Returns true on success, false on failure. Playback may fail because all the reserved sample instances are currently used. Parameters: o gain - relative volume at which the sample is played; 1.0 is normal. o pan - 0.0 is centred, -1.0 is left, 1.0 is right, or ALLEGRO_AUDIO_PAN_NONE. o speed - relative speed at which the sample is played; 1.0 is normal. o loop - ALLEGRO_PLAYMODE_ONCE, ALLEGRO_PLAYMODE_LOOP, or ALLEGRO_PLAYMODE_BIDIR o ret_id - if non-NULL the variable which this points to will be assigned an id representing the sample being played.


ALLEGRO_PLAYMODE(3), ALLEGRO_AUDIO_PAN_NONE(3), ALLEGRO_SAMPLE_ID(3), al_stop_sample(3), al_stop_samples(3). Allegro reference manual al_play_sample(3)

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