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al_reserve_samples(3)                                    al_reserve_samples(3)


al_reserve_samples - Allegro 5 API


#include <allegro5/allegro_audio.h> bool al_reserve_samples(int reserve_samples)


Reserves a number of sample instances, attaching them to the default mixer. If no default mixer is set when this function is called, then it will automatically create a voice with an attached mixer, which becomes the default mixer. This diagram illustrates the structures that are set up: sample instance 1 / sample instance 2 voice <-- default mixer <--- . \ . sample instance N Returns true on success, false on error. al_install_audio(3) must have been called first.


al_set_default_mixer(3), al_play_sample(3) Allegro reference manual al_reserve_samples(3)

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