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ARCHIVE_ENTRY_TIME(3)                       DragonFly Library Functions Manual


archive_entry_atime, archive_entry_atime_nsec, archive_entry_atime_is_set, archive_entry_set_atime, archive_entry_unset_atime, archive_entry_birthtime, archive_entry_birthtime_nsec, archive_entry_birthtime_is_set, archive_entry_set_birthtime, archive_entry_unset_birthtime, archive_entry_ctime, archive_entry_ctime_nsec, archive_entry_ctime_is_set, archive_entry_set_ctime, archive_entry_unset_ctime, archive_entry_mtime, archive_entry_mtime_nsec, archive_entry_mtime_is_set, archive_entry_set_mtime, archive_entry_unset_mtime - functions for manipulating times in archive entry descriptions


Streaming Archive Library (libarchive, -larchive)


#include <archive_entry.h> time_t archive_entry_atime(struct archive_entry *a); long archive_entry_atime_nsec(struct archive_entry *a); int archive_entry_atime_is_set(struct archive_entry *a); void archive_entry_set_atime(struct archive_entry *a, time_t sec, long nanosec); void archive_entry_unset_atime(struct archive_entry *a); time_t archive_entry_birthtime(struct archive_entry *a); long archive_entry_birthtime_nsec(struct archive_entry *a); int archive_entry_birthtime_is_set(struct archive_entry *a); void archive_entry_set_birthtime(struct archive_entry *a, time_t sec, long nanosec); void archive_entry_unset_birthtime(struct archive_entry *a); time_t archive_entry_ctime(struct archive_entry *a); long archive_entry_ctime_nsec(struct archive_entry *a); int archive_entry_ctime_is_set(struct archive_entry *a); void archive_entry_set_ctime(struct archive_entry *a, time_t sec, long nanosec); void archive_entry_unset_ctime(struct archive_entry *a); time_t archive_entry_mtime(struct archive_entry *a); long archive_entry_mtime_nsec(struct archive_entry *a); int archive_entry_mtime_is_set(struct archive_entry *a); void archive_entry_set_mtime(struct archive_entry *a, time_t sec, long nanosec); void archive_entry_unset_mtime(struct archive_entry *a);


These functions create and manipulate the time fields in an archive_entry. Supported time fields are atime (access time), birthtime (creation time), ctime (last time an inode property was changed) and mtime (modification time). libarchive(3) provides a high-resolution interface. The timestamps are truncated automatically depending on the archive format (for archiving) or the filesystem capabilities (for restoring). All timestamp fields are optional. The XXX_unset() functions can be used to mark the corresponding field as missing. The current state can be queried using XXX_is_set(). Unset time fields have a second and nanosecond field of 0.


archive_entry(3), libarchive(3)


The libarchive library first appeared in FreeBSD 5.3.


The libarchive library was written by Tim Kientzle <kientzle@acm.org>. DragonFly 5.9-DEVELOPMENT February 2, 2012 DragonFly 5.9-DEVELOPMENT

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