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BS(6)                       DragonFly Games Manual                       BS(6)


bs -- battleships game


bs [-bsc]


This program allows you to play the familiar Battleships game against the computer on a 10x10 board. The interface is visual and largely self- explanatory; you place your ships and pick your shots by moving the cur- sor around the `sea' with the rogue(6) / hack(6) motion keys ``hjklyubn''. Note that when selecting a ship to place, you must type the capital let- ter (these are, after all, capital ships). During ship placement, the `r' command may be used to ignore the current position and randomly place your currently selected ship. The `R' command will place all remaining ships randomly. The ^L command (form feed, ASCII 12) will force a screen redraw). The command-line arguments control game modes. -b selects a ``blitz'' variant -s selects a ``salvo'' variant -c permits ships to be placed adjacently The ``blitz'' variant allows a side to shoot for as long as it continues to score hits. The ``salvo'' game allows a player one shot per turn for each of his/her ships still afloat. This puts a premium scoring hits early and knocking out some ships and also makes much harder the situation where you face a superior force with only your PT-boat. Normally, ships must be separated by at least one square of open water. The -c option disables this check and allows them to close-pack. The algorithm the computer uses once it has found a ship to sink is prov- ably optimal. The dispersion criterion for the random-fire algorithm may not be.


Originally written by one Bruce Holloway in 1986. Salvo mode added by Chuck A. DeGaul <cbosgd!cad>. Visual user interface, `closepack' option, code rewrite and manual page by Eric S. Raymond <esr@snark.thyrsus.com>, August 1989. DragonFly 3.5 August 23, 1989 DragonFly 3.5

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