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COMPILERS.CONF(5)        DragonFly File Formats Manual       COMPILERS.CONF(5)


compilers.conf - configuration file for external compilers




The compilers.conf file allows to configure "external" compilers for usage with the DragonFly build(7) system. The /etc/defaults/compilers.conf file specifies the default settings for all variables, the /etc/compilers.conf file specifies override settings. The following variable definitions are mandatory: <version>_CC The pathname of the cc compiler. <version>_CXX The pathname of the c++ and CC compilers. <version>_CPP The pathname of the cpp pre-processor. <version>_INCOPT The include flags passed to the invocation of every version of c compiler, c++ compiler, and pre-processor program. This is normally set to the predefined STD_INCOPT variable. <version>_INCOPTCXX The include flags passed to the invocation of every version of c++ compiler. This is normally set to either the DPORT_GCC_STD_INCOPTXX or DPORT_CLANG_STD_INCOPTXX predefined variables. These variables are optionally available: <version>_GCC The pathname of the gcc compiler. <version>_GXX The pathname of the g++ compiler. <version>_GCOV The pathname of the gcov coverage testing tool. <version>_CFLAGS Additional flags to pass to the c compilers. <version>_CXXFLAGS Additional flags to pass to the c++ compilers. <version>_CPPFLAGS Additional flags to pass to the pre-processors. Currently, defaults are provided for the dports(7) compilers of clang10 (devel/clang10).


In DragonFly, compilers are selected by setting the CCVER variable. The cpp, cc, etc. programs in /usr/bin are actually links to the objformat(1) deflector program which is responsible for executing the correct programs (located in /usr/libexec/$CCVER). Traditionally, DragonFly has 2 compilers in base, one of which is the default compiler and the other is either a newer or older version. In order to allow additional non-base compilers into DragonFly's build process, objformat(1) deflects to /usr/libexec/custom when CCVER's setting is not one of the compilers in base. This directory contains a cc wrapper script (and some links to it). The wrapper script then takes care of making the compiler look and behave like a compiler in base. The settings in compilers.conf specify paths and flags for the /usr/libexec/custom/cc script.


/etc/compilers.conf external compiler configuration file


Once configured the compiler can be used like this: env CCVER=<version> make To try building world and kernel, use: cd /usr/src env WORLD_CCVER=<version> make buildworld env WORLD_CCVER=<version> make buildkernel KERNCONF=MYCONF


objformat(1), build(7)


The compilers.conf file first appeared in DragonFly 2.3. DragonFly 5.9-DEVELOPMENT October 20, 2020 DragonFly 5.9-DEVELOPMENT

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