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curl_mime_subparts(3)               libcurl              curl_mime_subparts(3)


curl_mime_subparts - set sub-parts of a multipart mime part


#include <curl/curl.h> CURLcode curl_mime_subparts(curl_mimepart *part, curl_mime *subparts);


curl_mime_subparts(3) sets a multipart mime part's content from a mime structure. part is a handle to the multipart part. subparts is a mime structure handle holding the sub-parts. After curl_mime_subparts succeeds, the mime structure handle belongs to the multipart part and must not be freed explicitly. It may however be updated by subsequent calls to mime API functions. Setting a part's contents multiple times is valid: only the value set by the last call is retained. It is possible to unassign previous part's contents by setting subparts to NULL.


/* The inline part is an alternative proposing the html and the text versions of the email. */ alt = curl_mime_init(curl); /* HTML message. */ part = curl_mime_addpart(alt); curl_mime_data(part, inline_html, CURL_ZERO_TERMINATED); curl_mime_type(part, "text/html"); /* Text message. */ part = curl_mime_addpart(alt); curl_mime_data(part, inline_text, CURL_ZERO_TERMINATED); /* Create the inline part. */ part = curl_mime_addpart(mime); curl_mime_subparts(part, alt); curl_mime_type(part, "multipart/alternative"); slist = curl_slist_append(NULL, "Content-Disposition: inline"); curl_mime_headers(part, slist, 1);


As long as at least one of HTTP, SMTP or IMAP is enabled. Added in 7.56.0.


CURLE_OK or a CURL error code upon failure.


curl_mime_addpart(3), curl_mime_init(3) libcurl 8.1.2 April 26, 2023 curl_mime_subparts(3)

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