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DUMPFS(8)              DragonFly System Manager's Manual             DUMPFS(8)


dumpfs -- dump UFS file system information


dumpfs [-m] filesys | device


The dumpfs utility prints out the super block and cylinder group informa- tion for the file system or special device specified, unless -m is speci- fied. The listing is very long and detailed. This command is useful mostly for finding out certain file system information such as the file system block size and minimum free space percentage. If -m is specified, a newfs(8) command is printed that can be used to generate a new file system with equivalent settings.


disktab(5), fs(5), UFS(5), disklabel(8), fsck(8), newfs(8), tunefs(8)


The dumpfs utility appeared in 4.2BSD. DragonFly 3.5 June 5, 1993 DragonFly 3.5

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