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eof(n)                       Tcl Built-In Commands                      eof(n)



eof - Check for end of file condition on channel


eof channelId ______________________________________________________________________________


Returns 1 if an end of file condition occurred during the most recent input operation on channelId (such as gets), 0 otherwise. ChannelId must be an identifier for an open channel such as a Tcl standard channel (stdin, stdout, or stderr), the return value from an invocation of open or socket, or the result of a channel creation command provided by a Tcl extension.


Read and print out the contents of a file line-by-line: set f [open somefile.txt] while {1} { set line [gets $f] if {[eof $f]} { close $f break } puts "Read line: $line" } Read and print out the contents of a file by fixed-size records: set f [open somefile.dat] fconfigure $f -translation binary set recordSize 40 while {1} { set record [read $f $recordSize] if {[eof $f]} { close $f break } puts "Read record: $record" }


file(n), open(n), close(n), fblocked(n), Tcl_StandardChannels(3)


channel, end of file Tcl 7.5 eof(n)

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