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GAI_STRERROR(3)       DragonFly Library Functions Manual       GAI_STRERROR(3)


gai_strerror -- get error message string from EAI_xxx error code


Standard C Library (libc, -lc)


#include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/socket.h> #include <netdb.h> const char * gai_strerror(int ecode);


The gai_strerror() function returns an error message string corresponding to the error code returned by getaddrinfo(3) or getnameinfo(3). The following error codes and their meaning are defined in <netdb.h>: EAI_ADDRFAMILY address family for hostname not supported EAI_AGAIN temporary failure in name resolution EAI_BADFLAGS invalid value for ai_flags EAI_BADHINTS invalid value for hints EAI_FAIL non-recoverable failure in name resolution EAI_FAMILY ai_family not supported EAI_MEMORY memory allocation failure EAI_NODATA no address associated with hostname EAI_NONAME hostname or servname not provided, or not known EAI_OVERFLOW argument buffer overflow EAI_PROTOCOL resolved protocol is unknown EAI_SERVICE servname not supported for ai_socktype EAI_SOCKTYPE ai_socktype not supported EAI_SYSTEM system error returned in errno


The gai_strerror() function returns a pointer to the error message string corresponding to ecode. If ecode is out of range, an implementation-spe- cific error message string is returned.


getaddrinfo(3), getnameinfo(3) DragonFly 3.5 October 4, 2008 DragonFly 3.5

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