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GENDICT(1)                      ICU 72.1 Manual                     GENDICT(1)


gendict - Compiles word list into ICU string trie dictionary


gendict [ --uchars | --bytes --transform transform ] [ -h, -?, --help ] [ -V, --version ] [ -c, --copyright ] [ -v, --verbose ] [ -i, --icudatadir directory ] input-file output-file


gendict reads the word list from dictionary-file and creates a string trie dictionary file. Normally this data file has the .dict extension. Words begin at the beginning of a line and are terminated by the first whitespace. Lines that begin with whitespace are ignored.


-h, -?, --help Print help about usage and exit. -V, --version Print the version of gendict and exit. -c, --copyright Embeds the standard ICU copyright into the output-file. -v, --verbose Display extra informative messages during execution. -i, --icudatadir directory Look for any necessary ICU data files in directory. For example, the file pnames.icu must be located when ICU's data is not built as a shared library. The default ICU data directory is specified by the environment variable ICU_DATA. Most configurations of ICU do not require this argument. --uchars Set the output trie type to UChar. Mutually exclusive with --bytes. --bytes Set the output trie type to Bytes. Mutually exclusive with --uchars. --transform Set the transform type. Should only be specified with --bytes. Currently supported transforms are: offset-<hex-number>, which specifies an offset to subtract from all input characters. It should be noted that the offset transform also maps U+200D to 0xFF and U+200C to 0xFE, in order to offer compatibility to languages that require these characters. A transform must be specified for a bytes trie, and when applied to the non-value characters in the input-file must produce output between 0x00 and 0xFF. input-file The source file to read. output-file The file to write the output dictionary to.


The input-file is assumed to be encoded in UTF-8. The integers in the input-file that are used as values must be made up of ASCII digits. They may be specified either in hex, by using a 0x prefix, or in decimal. Either --bytes or --uchars must be specified.


ICU_DATA Specifies the directory containing ICU data. Defaults to ${prefix}/share/icu/72.1/. Some tools in ICU depend on the presence of the trailing slash. It is thus important to make sure that it is present if ICU_DATA is set.


Maxime Serrano




Copyright (C) 2012 International Business Machines Corporation and others


http://www.icu-project.org/userguide/boundaryAnalysis.html ICU MANPAGE 1 June 2012 GENDICT(1)

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