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gensprep(8)                     ICU 73.2 Manual                    gensprep(8)


gensprep - compile StringPrep data from files filtered by filterRFC3454.pl


gensprep [ -h, -?, --help ] [ -v, --verbose ] [ -c, --copyright ] [ -s, --sourcedir source ] [ -d, --destdir destination ]


gensprep reads filtered RFC 3454 files and compiles their information into a binary form. The resulting file, <name>.icu, can then be read directly by ICU, or used by pkgdata(8) for incorporation into a larger archive or library. The files read by gensprep are described in the FILES section.


-h, -?, --help Print help about usage and exit. -v, --verbose Display extra informative messages during execution. -c, --copyright Include a copyright notice into the binary data. -s, --sourcedir source Set the source directory to source. The default source directory is specified by the environment variable ICU_DATA. -d, --destdir destination Set the destination directory to destination. The default destination directory is specified by the environment variable ICU_DATA.


ICU_DATA Specifies the directory containing ICU data. Defaults to ${prefix}/share/icu/73.2/. Some tools in ICU depend on the presence of the trailing slash. It is thus important to make sure that it is present if ICU_DATA is set.


The following files are read by gensprep and are looked for in the source /misc for rfc3454_*.txt files and in source /unidata for NormalizationCorrections.txt. rfc3453_A_1.txt Contains the list of unassigned codepoints in Unicode version 3.2.0.... rfc3454_B_1.txt Contains the list of code points that are commonly mapped to nothing.... rfc3454_B_2.txt Contains the list of mappings for casefolding of code points when Normalization form NFKC is specified.... rfc3454_C_X.txt Contains the list of code points that are prohibited for IDNA. NormalizationCorrections.txt Contains the list of code points whose normalization has changed since Unicode Version 3.2.0.




Copyright (C) 2000-2002 IBM, Inc. and others.


pkgdata(8) ICU MANPAGE 18 March 2003 gensprep(8)

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