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GIF2RGB(1)                   GIFLIB Documentation                   GIF2RGB(1)


gif2rgb - convert images saved as GIF to 24-bit RGB triplets


gif2rgb [-v] [-1] [-c colors] [-s width height] [-o outfile] [-h] [gif-file]


-v Verbose mode (show progress). Enables printout of running scan lines. -1 Only one file in the format of RGBRGB... triplets (Each of R, G,B is a byte) is being read or written. This file size is 3 * Width * Height. If stdin is used for input or stdout for output, this option is implicitly applied. The default (if not `-1') is 3 files with the names OutFileName.R, OutFileName.G, OutFileName.B, each of which is Width * Height bytes. -c colors Specifies number of colors to use in RGB-to-GIF conversions, in bits per pixels, so '-c 8' actually specifies 256 colors (maximum and default). -s width height Sets RGB-to-GIF conversion mode and specifies the size of the image to read. -o specifies the name of the out file (see also `-1' above). -h Print one line of command line help, similar to Usage above. By default, convert a GIF input file to RGB triplets. If -s is specified, convert RGB input to a GIF. If no input file is given, gif2rgb will try to read data from stdin.


Gershon Elber. GIFLIB 2 May 2012 GIF2RGB(1)

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