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GIFCONFIG(8)           DragonFly System Manager's Manual          GIFCONFIG(8)


gifconfig -- configure generic IP tunnel


gifconfig interface [af] [physsrc physdest] gifconfig interface delete gifconfig -a


The gifconfig utility configures the physical address for the generic IP tunnel interface, such as "gif0". Argument physsrc and physdest are interpreted as the outer source/destination address for encapsulating IPv4/v6 header. Argument af specifies the address family for physsrc and physdest. af can be inet or inet6, and will be treated as inet if omitted. If a special argument delete is specified, gifconfig just deletes the existing source and destination addresses on interface. If no outer addresses are specified, this usage has no effect. The gifconfig utility takes the following optional argument: -a Display information associated with all gif(4) interfaces. Please note that it is very easy to create infinite routing loop, when you configure tunnel over same address family (e.g. IPv4-over-IPv4). Each gif(4) interface is created at runtime using interface cloning. This is most easily done with the ifconfig(8) create command or using the gifconfig_<interface> variable in rc.conf(5).


The gifconfig utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


If you would like to configure IPv6 over IPv4 (aka IPv6 in IPv4) tunnel between and, you should perform the following command: # gifconfig gif0 inet This is also possible to use IPv6 as outer proto, by replacing inet to inet6, and IPv4 addresses to some appropriate IPv6 addresses in above example.


gif(4), ifconfig(8)


The gifconfig utility first appeared in WIDE Hydrangea IPv6 protocol stack kit. IPv6 and IPsec support based on the KAME Project (http://www.kame.net/) stack was initially integrated into FreeBSD 4.0 DragonFly 4.3 May 17, 1998 DragonFly 4.3

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