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GIT-FOR-EACH-REPO(1)              Git Manual              GIT-FOR-EACH-REPO(1)


git-for-each-repo - Run a Git command on a list of repositories


git for-each-repo --config=<config> [--] <arguments>


Run a Git command on a list of repositories. The arguments after the known options or -- indicator are used as the arguments for the Git subprocess. THIS COMMAND IS EXPERIMENTAL. THE BEHAVIOR MAY CHANGE. For example, we could run maintenance on each of a list of repositories stored in a maintenance.repo config variable using git for-each-repo --config=maintenance.repo maintenance run This will run git -C <repo> maintenance run for each value <repo> in the multi-valued config variable maintenance.repo.


--config=<config> Use the given config variable as a multi-valued list storing absolute path names. Iterate on that list of paths to run the given arguments. These config values are loaded from system, global, and local Git config, as available. If git for-each-repo is run in a directory that is not a Git repository, then only the system and global config is used.


If any git -C <repo> <arguments> subprocess returns a non-zero exit code, then the git for-each-repo process returns that exit code without running more subprocesses. Each git -C <repo> <arguments> subprocess inherits the standard file descriptors stdin, stdout, and stderr.


Part of the git(1) suite Git 2.38.1 10/06/2022 GIT-FOR-EACH-REPO(1)

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