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GIT-REMOTE-FD(1)                  Git Manual                  GIT-REMOTE-FD(1)


git-remote-fd - Reflect smart transport stream back to caller


"fd::<infd>[,<outfd>][/<anything>]" (as URL)


This helper uses specified file descriptors to connect to a remote Git server. This is not meant for end users but for programs and scripts calling git fetch, push or archive. If only <infd> is given, it is assumed to be a bidirectional socket connected to remote Git server (git-upload-pack, git-receive-pack or git-upload-archive). If both <infd> and <outfd> are given, they are assumed to be pipes connected to a remote Git server (<infd> being the inbound pipe and <outfd> being the outbound pipe. It is assumed that any handshaking procedures have already been completed (such as sending service request for git://) before this helper is started. <anything> can be any string. It is ignored. It is meant for providing information to user in the URL in case that URL is displayed in some context.


GIT_TRANSLOOP_DEBUG If set, prints debugging information about various reads/writes.


git fetch fd::17 master Fetch master, using file descriptor #17 to communicate with git-upload-pack. git fetch fd::17/foo master Same as above. git push fd::7,8 master (as URL) Push master, using file descriptor #7 to read data from git-receive-pack and file descriptor #8 to write data to same service. git push fd::7,8/bar master Same as above.




Part of the git(1) suite Git 2.38.1 10/06/2022 GIT-REMOTE-FD(1)

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