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GStreamer(1)           DragonFly General Commands Manual          GStreamer(1)


gst-inspect-1.0 - print info about a GStreamer plugin or element


gst-inspect-1.0 [OPTION...] [PLUGIN|ELEMENT]


gst-inspect-1.0 is a tool that prints out information on available GStreamer plugins, information about a particular plugin, or information about a particular element. When executed with no PLUGIN or ELEMENT argument, gst-inspect-1.0 will print a list of all plugins and elements together with a summary. When executed with a PLUGIN or ELEMENT argument, gst-inspect-1.0 will print information about that plug-in or element.


gst-inspect-1.0 accepts the following arguments and options: PLUGIN Name of a plugin ELEMENT Name of an element --help Print help synopsis and available FLAGS --gst-info-mask=FLAGS GStreamer info flags to set (list with --help) -a, --print-all Print all plugins and elements -b, --print-blacklist Print list of blacklisted files --plugin List the plugin contents --types=Element/Types Allow inspecting only elements that match all the element types filtered in this slash ('/') separated list of element types. Those types correspond to what is also called 'klass' which is a string describing the type of element, like 'Decoder', 'Audio', 'Encoder' etc... This options implies that only elements will be printed (not typefind functions or tracers). --exists Check if the specified element or plugin exists --atleast-version When checking if an element or plugin exists, also check that its version is at least the version specified -u, --uri-handlers Print supported URI schemes, with the elements that implement them --no-colors Disable colors in output. You can also achieve the same by setting 'GST_INSPECT_NO_COLORS' environment variable to any value. -C, --color Color output, even when not connected to a tty. --print-plugin-auto-install-info Print a machine-parsable list of features the specified plugin provides. Useful in connection with external automatic plugin installation mechanisms. --gst-debug-mask=FLAGS GStreamer debugging flags to set (list with --help) --gst-mask=FLAGS GStreamer info and debugging flags to set (list with --help) --gst-plugin-spew GStreamer info flags to set Enable printout of errors while loading GStreamer plugins --gst-plugin-path=PATH Add directories separated with ':' to the plugin search path


gst-inspect-1.0 reads the following environment variables, in addition to the generic GStreamer environment variables also described in gst-launch-1.0(1): GST_LESS Override the options passed to less (by default "RXF"). See less(1) for more information.


gst-launch-1.0(1), gst-typefind-1.0(1)


The GStreamer team at http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/ December 2005 GStreamer(1)

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