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GStreamer(1)                                                      GStreamer(1)


gst-play-1.0 - Simple command line playback testing tool




gst-play-1.0 is a command line tool that can be used to test basic playback using the playbin element. You can pass it individual files, URIs or whole directories (in which case it will recurse into sub- directories as well).


gst-play-1.0 accepts the following options: --help Print help synopsis and available command line options --version Print version and exit --audiosink=SOMESINK Use the SOMESINK element as audio sink instead of autoaudiosink --videosink=SOMESINK Use the SOMESINK element as video sink instead of autovideosink --volume=VOLUME Set initial playback volume to VOLUME, where 0.0=silent and 1.0=unchanged --shuffle Shuffle playlist (play files in random order) --no-interactive Disable control through keyboard interaction in terminal (see below) --gapless Enable gapless playback -v, --flags Control playback behaviour setting playbin 'flags' property -v, --verbose Output status information and property notifications -q, --quiet Do not print any output (apart from errors) --use-playbin3 Use playbin3 pipeline (default varies depending on 'USE_PLAYBIN' env variable) --wait-on-eos Keep showing the last frame on EOS until quit or playlist change command (gapless is ignored)


SPACE Pause/Resume playback ARROW UP/DOWN Volume up/down ARROW LEFT/RIGHT Seek back/forward +/- Increase/decrease playback rate d Reverse playback direction t Cycle through trick modes a Switch audio track s Switch subtitle track v Switch video track > or n Skip to next item in playlist < or b Go back to previous item in playlist 0 Seek back to beginning of current track Q, ESC Quit


gst-inspect-1.0(1), gst-launch-1.0(1), gst-discoverer-1.0(1),


The GStreamer team at http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/ April 2014 GStreamer(1)

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