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HOSTNAME(1)            DragonFly General Commands Manual           HOSTNAME(1)


hostname -- set or print name of current host system


hostname [-fs] [name-of-host | -r ip-address | -i interface [-6 | -4]]


The hostname utility prints the name of the current host. The super-user can set the hostname by supplying an argument; this is usually done at boot time by setting the hostname variable in /etc/rc.conf. Options: -f Include domain information in the printed name. This is the default behavior. -s Trim off any domain information from the printed name. -r Retrieve hostname via ip lookup. The hostname is set to the first (official) name returned for the supplied ip address. Can be an IPv6 or IPv4 address. -i Retrieve hostname via supplied interface name. -6 Used in conjunction with -i to select the 1st IPv6 address on the interface. -4 Used in conjunction with -i to select the 1st IPv4 address on the interface. This is the default and assumed if -6 or -4 is not supplied.


gethostname(3), rc.conf(5)


The hostname command appeared in 4.2BSD. DragonFly 5.3 July 10, 2018 DragonFly 5.3

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