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httppr(8)                   Universal proxy server                   httppr(8)


httppr - HTTP proxy gateway service


httppr [-d][-a] [-l[[@]logfile]] [-pport] [-iinternal_ip] [-eexternal_ip]


httppr is HTTP gateway service with HTTPS and FTP over HTTPS support.


-I Inetd mode. Standalone service only. -d Daemonise. Detach service from console and run in the background. -t Be silenT. Do not log start/stop/accept error records. -u Never ask for username authentication -e External address. IP address of interface proxy should initiate connections from. By default system will deside which address to use in accordance with routing table. -i Internal address. IP address proxy accepts connections to. By default connection to any interface is accepted. It's usually unsafe. -a Anonymous. Hide information about client. -a1 Anonymous. Show fake information about client. -p Port. Port proxy listens for incoming connections. Default is 3128. -l Log. By default logging is to stdout. If logfile is specified logging is to file. Under Unix, if '@' preceeds logfile, syslog is used for logging.


You should use client with HTTP proxy support or configure router to redirect HTTP traffic to proxy (transparent proxy). Configure client to connect to internal_ip and port. HTTPS support allows to use almost any TCP based protocol. If you need to limit clients, use 3proxy(8) instead.


Report all bugs to 3proxy@3proxy.ru


3proxy(8), ftppr(8), socks(8), pop3p(8), tcppm(8), udppm(8), syslogd(8), http://3proxy.ru/


3proxy is designed by Vladimir 3APA3A Dubrovin (3proxy@3proxy.ru) 3proxy 0.7 July 2009 httppr(8)

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