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I915(4)               DragonFly Kernel Interfaces Manual               I915(4)


i915 - Driver for Intel i915 family integrated graphics chipsets


The i915 driver provides support for integrated graphics chips by Intel. Please refer the Loader Tunables section in syscons(4) for more information about how to make the console work with i915.


Tunables can be set at the loader(8) prompt before booting the kernel or stored in loader.conf(5). drm.i915.disable_aux_irq When non-zero, disable interrupt usage for DisplayPort AUX channel. This option doesn't affect GPU models older than Generation 5 (Ironlake). Can be used as a workaround in cases where DisplayPort panel initialization is unreliable, which often leaves a blank screen after the i915 module was loaded. 1 = don't use AUX IRQ, 0 = auto (default). drm.i915.enable_psr Enable PSR (panel self refresh), only relevant for Haswell and Broadwell CPUs. 1 = enable, 0 = disable (default). To maximize PSR usage, it can be beneficial to set hw.dri.vblank_offdelay (see drm(4)) to a sufficiently low value (or -1), to minimize vblank interrupt activity. drm.i915.enable_execlists Override execlists usage on Broadwell IGPs (no effect on other IGP models). Disabling execlists reverts to legacy ringbuffer mode. -1 = auto (default), 0 = disable, 1 = enable


If display backlight level can be controlled by the GPU (which is often the case in notebooks), the sysctl hw.backlight_level can be used to adjust the backlight level. Permitted values are from 0 to the value of hw.backlight_max.


drm(4), syscons(4)


The i915 driver was first available for Linux. DragonFly 5.7-DEVELOPMENT October 9, 2019 DragonFly 5.7-DEVELOPMENT

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