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ikiwiki-makerepo(1)    DragonFly General Commands Manual   ikiwiki-makerepo(1)


ikiwiki-makerepo - check an ikiwiki srcdir into revision control


ikiwiki-makerepo git|svn|monotone|darcs|cvs srcdir repo ikiwiki-makerepo bzr|mercurial srcdir


ikiwiki-makerepo injects an existing srcdir directory, containing sources for an ikiwiki wiki, into revision control. It is rarely run directly; consider using ikiwiki --setup /etc/ikiwiki/wiki.setup instead to set up a wiki. For git, the repo is created as a bare git repository, and the srcdir is made into a clone of it. (monotone and darcs are similar.) For svn and cvs, the repo is the centralized repository, and the srcdir is a checkout of it. For mercurial and bzr, the srcdir is the only repository set up. For darcs, the master repo's apply hook will be preconfigured to call a ikiwiki wrapper. Note that for monotone, you are assumed to already have run "mtn genkey" to generate a key.


ikiwiki-makerepo git /srv/web/wiki /srv/git/wiki.git/ This creates a bare repository /srv/git/wiki.git/, and sets up /srv/web/wiki to be a clone of it, committing any files that already exist in that directory.


Joey Hess <joey@ikiwiki.info> ikiwiki-makerepo(1)

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