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INEWS(1)               DragonFly General Commands Manual              INEWS(1)


inews - post an article to the local news server


inews [ -h ] [ -x Path:-contents ] [ -f From:-contents ] [ -n Newsgroups:-contents ] [ -t Subject:-contents ] [ -w Followup- To:-contents ] [ -e Expires:-contents ] [ -r Reply-To:-contents ] [ -F References:-contents ] [ -c Control:-contents ] [ -d Distribution:-contents ] [ -a Approved:-contents ] [ -o Organization:-contents ] [ file ... ]


Inews reads an article from either each of the specified files in turn or standard input, adds the required and specified header lines and passed it to rnews(8) with the -q option. If the -h option is given the input is assumed to be in the form of header, blank line then body. If not then it is all treated as the article body. If any header line is specifed as a command line argument then the command line contents override that read from the input. If any of the header lines that are required by RFC 1036 are then missing they are added with default content. If the content From header line is overridden either from standard input with the -h option or with the -f option and the posting user is not the news user then a Sender header line is added.


-h Read header lines from the input as well as the article body. The following options are used to add header lines: -x Path -f From -n Newsgroups -t Subject -w Followup-To -e Expires -r Reply-To -F References -c Control -d Distribution -a Approved -o Organization


rnews(8), qnews(8), nntpd(8) Version 0.1.8 March 2001 INEWS(1)

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