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IWMFW(4)              DragonFly Kernel Interfaces Manual              IWMFW(4)


iwmfw - Firmware Module for Intel Wireless driver


To compile this module into the kernel, place the following line in your kernel configuration file: device iwmfw This will include firmware images for all iwm(4) devices inside the kernel. Alternatively, to load the firmware as a module at boot time, place (one of) the following lines in loader.conf(5): iwm3160fw_load="YES" iwm3168fw_load="YES" iwm7260fw_load="YES" iwm7265fw_load="YES" iwm7265Dfw_load="YES" iwm8000Cfw_load="YES" iwm8265fw_load="YES" iwm9000fw_load="YES" iwm9260fw_load="YES"


Intel Dual Band Wireless WiFi 3160, 3165, 3168, 7260, 7265, 8000, 8260, 9000 and 9260 series of IEEE 802.11n/11ac adapters. It may be statically linked into the kernel, or loaded as a module.


iwm(4), firmware(9) DragonFly 5.9-DEVELOPMENT March 20, 2020 DragonFly 5.9-DEVELOPMENT

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