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KERNCONF(5)              DragonFly File Formats Manual             KERNCONF(5)


kernconf -- kernel configuration file


cpu ... device ... ident ... machine ... machine-arch ... makeoptions ... maxusers ... options ... platform ... pseudo-device ...


This manual page describes the structure of the kernel configuration file. It is processed by config(8) to create a build environment where a kernel may be built using make(1). See build(7) for information on how to build kernels. Each line starts with a keyword at the beginning of the line and is followed by additional parameters. Long input lines may be broken into shorter lines by starting the second and subsequent lines with a white space character. Numbers are specified using C-style syntax. Blank lines are ignored. The `#' character is interpreted as a comment and is ignored along with everything that follows it on the same line.


The following keywords are recognized in a configuration file: cpu name This system is to run on the CPU type name. Legal types are: HAMMER_CPU (x86-64). More than one CPU type specification can appear in a configuration file. device name [at bus] [port num] [irq num] [drq num] [iomem num] [iosiz num] [flags num] Configures support for device name. Additional parameters may be passed to specify I/O configuration settings (most often for isa(4) devices): at specifies a bus to which the device is attached. port specifies the start address of I/O ports to be used by the device. irq specifies the number of ports used by the device. drq is the interrupt line number to be used. iomem specifies the physical memory address used by the device. iosiz specifies the physical memory size used by the device. flags sets various flag bits for the device. ident string Sets the kernel identification string to string. machine name The system is to run on the machine type name. This is a legacy keyword, it is normally set to same value as machine_arch. machine_arch name The system is to run on the machine architecture name. Currently, the only legal architecture is x86_64. makeoptions name=value Defines a make(1) macro name with the value value in the kernel Makefile. maxusers integer Set the maxusers variable in the kernel. options name[=value] Sets the option name. Some options expect to be assigned a value, which may be an integer, a double-quoted word, a bare word, or an empty string (""). Note that those are eventually handled by the C compiler, so the rules of that language apply. platform name Sets the platform of this kernel to name. Legal platforms are pc64 (64 bit AMD architecture), and vkernel64 (64 bit virtual kernel). pseudo-device name [N] Includes support for the pseudo-device name. Some pseudo-devices can have multiple or N instances.


/sys/config/LINT64 kernel configuration file for checking all the sources, includes description of kernel configuration options /sys/config/VKERNEL64 default 64 bit vkernel(7) kernel configuration file /sys/config/X86_64_GENERIC default x86_64 kernel configuration file


make(1), build(7), vkernel(7), config(8)


The kernconf manual page first appeared in DragonFly 1.11. DragonFly 4.3 June 20, 2015 DragonFly 4.3

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